Change language of your Gmail account


Emails are more and more embracing the world, as many people have an account and for this reason, Gmail has had to adapt to all the languages of many countries, for this reason, we have a number of languages in our e-mail account.

Many times, for not having our country of residence can appear in a different language, or move Spanish Spanish, or vice versa, so we will show you how to make that little change in your Gmail account.


For this we need to connect Gmail address, where we have to put our email address and password, then by pressing Start Session, we will be in seconds in your inbox.

After that, we will install this found on the right of your inbox and a button that looks like a nut, if pressing setup appears in the first position that is (the Gmail display language) if you can put your language preference, to have ready this change, you just need to go down to press the Save Changes button.

With this, you can have your inbox with the language you have chosen and if it is in another language like English, you just have to guide you to the situation as it is the first choice you do not cannot miss.

As you may have noticed, it is very easy to make this choice because we have this tutorial that has led you to change the language, in this blog you will find other tutorials that will help you to leave your inbox at your taste or if you need tools, Gmail gives you for free, just know that there is the right tool for what you need to do.


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